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Hand painted sign

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Plastic designs

Sandblasted signboard

About Us...

Since our beginningsin 1988, our purpose has been making design which is aesthetic, exclusive and appropriate to the environment according to costumers' request.

Our speciality is making American stlyles, hand painted and sand blasted redwood signs. It is unique in Europe ( except England ). We paint also hand-made and by mixed technology, indoor and outdoor antique style, quaint, pub style and retro signs, A-boards.

Our site contains a sampling of our portfolio of sandblasted signs, publication design and case studies of our work.

Our productions:

We can even carve sculptures from the wood and HDU (Signfoam). Its features and shaping is similar to soft wood but it does not split, strain and it is lasting. We can post or sent the ready product by courier to places far from us or abroad, if the customer cannot collect the ready product. In contrast to other websites we cannot show our prices because our works are usually unique and demand a lot of hand-made work. Therefore the graphical content (images, signs, texts) and the character of the used materials (wood, metal, stone, glass etc.) count a great deal.

If the customer outlines what they need we can calculate a costing which is a guide price. When it is suitable, we plan the job and send it to the customer via e-mail. This obviously we can form according to the demand of the customer until it is optimal. When everything is ready and accepted we specify the price and we start the design. The deadline - according to the technology - is usually 4-15 days. Shipping and payment is by appointment. If required we undertake the installation of the boards, advertisements on the site. Naturally we also make boards by typographical way or cut-out from film (plotter works) house numbers, street plate etc. These are substantially cheaper compared to the customized, hand-made tools but are not so demonstrative in vision and impression.

We guarrantee for 3-5 years for ourproducts. It depends on materials and technologies.

If we arouse your interest please call, visit us or send an e-mail.

We are waiting for your order!


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